Reels And Deals
500 (Beta)
Hire and sell actors, actresses, and directors to complete the best movie scripts. Earn the most money and points by managing your hand well, evaluating auctions, and exercising your film taste in this excellent and amusing card game for 2 to 5 players from Agman Games.
Reiner Knizia's
Lost Cities
Lead daring archeological expeditions to earn the most points in one of the finest two player casual card games ever created. The winner can sometimes be the luckiest, but is usually the player who manages risk the best!
Reiner Knizia's
Build the richest empire in ancient Egypt in the ultimate auction game for 2 to 5 players. Pharoahs, monuments, rivers, floods, cultural achievements, and Egyptian gods enhance your score, but can you evaluate the value of each auction better than your opponents to win?
Reiner Knizia's
Schotten - Totten
A masterpiece of tactical play. Claim ancient stones of power by deploying your troops in pseudo poker style formations in this challenging and rewarding game from game design genius Dr. Reiner Knizia.
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10th December 2010
Reiner Knizia's Battleline for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is available in the app store now!

30th June 2010
The new GourmetGaming website is now live! Many features are still under construction and coming soon. Reels And Deals is now in open Beta, try it for free, and let us know if you encounter any bugs!